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Our Tours, Experiences and Courses help you to know bettet Calabria and give you an important knowledge of Calabrian culture and history

  • Foraging plants – Course of recognition of plants for food use

    The human species appeared on Earth about 200,000 years ago, and for most of this time we lived collecting spontaneous plants and fruits, developing a deep knowledge of the territory and its resources. Even after the birth of agriculture, which took place only 10,000 years ago, the collection and consumption of edible spontaneous plants remained […]

  • Ceramic course: grafto technique

    In these lands of Calabria, once Greek colonies and therefore called Magna Graecia, the ceramic activity has always been ourishing and varied. In particular, in the area of Squillace the craftsmen created the technique of graffiti that was made on the still raw product. In this course you will learn this fascinating technique with which […]

  • Get away from the city, from frenetic rhythms and rediscover your life outdoors.

    This holiday name is a tribute to an old Billy Cristal’s movie: “City Slickers” where three men decide to spend a week in contact with nature and it lasts country life. We offer you a “country week” to do what you’ve never done. You will learn to ride a horse, drive a tractor, shear and […]

  • Underwater Archeology Training (Campus)

    Do you feel comfortable in the water? Do you have an “open” patent? Have you done at least 10 dives? Well, you are ready to start a new adventure. Join our Campus dedicated to underwater archeology. Here you can become an expert in underwater archeology. The “treasures” of the sea will have no more secrets […]

  • Accessible adapted scuba diving. Accessible scuba diving licence.

    Sea is the most inclusive place in the world. Underwater the differences are blurred, the rhythms slow down, adults and children remain enchanted when they see the wonders that inhabit it. We offer a holiday during which, followed by expert staff, even people with disabilities can immerse themselves in this world. Once the final exam […]

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