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  • Flights to Calabria deleted cause coronavirus alert

    Coronavirus, flights deleted and modified by airlines: the complete list.

    The fear of Coronavirus has increased the number of noshow: people who book the flight and do not show up.
    At the same time, the fear of contagion has severely limited air flights and companies have preferred to delete many flights in order not to lose money by traveling empty.

    These are the deleted flight to Lamezia Terme Airport

    • Lamezia – Roma delle ore 15,30
    • Roma- Lamezia delle ore 13,25
    • Lamezia – Milano Linate delle ore 06,00
    • Milano Linate- Lamezia delle ore 22,00

    These are the deleted flight to Reggio Calabria Airport

    • Milano – Reggio Calabria delle ore 13,35
    • Reggio Calabria – Milano delle ore 16,00

    These restrictions will also prevent Calabria to be infected.

    In fact, actually Calabria is one of the safest area in Italy as you can easily read on this map developed by National Institute for Public Health and the Environment – Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport of Netherlands

    Only few ares are considered unsafe.

    Red: don’t travel
    Orange: only if necessary
    Yellow: pay attention
    Green: no special risks.

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