Sport, excursions, tours, and entertainments at Torre S. Antonio

A holiday in Calabria is not only a beach holiday!
Torre S. Antonio offers you very comfortable and charming accommodations located on the beach, a massage area and a little library. The guests will get to know Calabria region, its gastronomic and artistic thousand-year old culture through different pleasant experiences in touch with a still unspoilt nature, the local area and the traditional “spicy” food of Calabria.
The staff of Torre S. Antonio organizes for guests horse rides, diving activities, cooking classes, excursions to mountain areas and art tours.

The “Boschetto”

It is an area where guests can spend their time relaxing, meeting other people, eating, playing ping-pong and bocce. Furthermore, this area is equipped with barbecues, free Wi-Fi connection and a bar open for breakfast lunch and dinner where you can taste even typical Calabrian food.

The library by the beach

Holidays is the right moment to spend time reading and for this reason at Torre S. Antonio guests will find a little but well-provided library by the beach.

The massage area

This area is dedicated to real relax moments: what is it better than a massage in front of the beach accompanied by the sound of the sea?

The area for dogs

It is an area close to the beach where guests’ animal friends are welcome. It is in the shade and equipped with a monitoring system which allows to dogs’ owners a control a real time control.

Horse rides

You will have the opportunity of enjoying special horse rides both on the beach and the countryside all around Torre S. Antonio.

'Surici' fishing

The staff organizes activities for fishing and then tasting the so-called “surici”, a very flavorful fish of the Ionian Sea..

Snorkeling in the Ionian Sea

Our sea is very rich of different species of fish and for this reason, if you love sea you should chose to do a boat excursion and snorkeling experience.

Dinner at “catoi”

The “catoi” are typical old wine cellars where our guests will taste unique and traditional food of Calabria region, avoiding touristic and popular menus.

Diving in the Ionian Sea

We offer our guests the chance to enjoy diving experiences at different license levels, starting from a depth of 10 metres. You will admire the numerous shipwrecks submerged in this part of the Ionian Sea.

Volleyball and tennis beach courts

Guests who like to play sports will have fun and relax playing volleyball and tennis in our beach courts.

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