• Underwater Archeology Training (Campus)

    Do you feel comfortable in the water? Do you have an “open” patent?
    Have you done at least 10 dives?
    Well, you are ready to start a new adventure.
    Join our Campus dedicated to underwater archeology.
    Here you can become an expert in underwater archeology.
    The “treasures” of the sea will have no more secrets for you.
    You will be taken to a real archaeological excavation area and
    will participate in the discovery and cataloging of the ndings of
    an area of the Ionian Sea.
    At the end of the course you will receive an international Wase patent
    that certies you as “Underwater Archeology Specialist”.
    During the week you will be accommodated in the beach apartments
    of the ancient Torre of S.Antonio.

    Course program
    Day 1
    Arrival and accommodation.
    Brieng and planning of campus days
    Day 2
    Morning: introduction to the methodology.
    Afternoon: normative aspects of underwater archeology
    Days 3/4
    Simulated construction site at sea, theoretical and
    practical lessons of:
    drawing, photography, relief, trilateration
    Day 5
    Study in the research area starting from the waters right in front
    of the Tower of St. Anthony.
    Inside the area we will nd objects (ceramics) dated late Empire
    (IV-V century AD)
    Day 6
    Morning: vision of the documentation
    Afternoon: test for patent entitlement
    Evening: video and photos screening of the week
    Day 7
    Delivery of diplomas, greetings and departure.

    The Campus price includes:
    theoretical and practical lessons, setting up a diving school camp,
    activity on actual area, study of collected data, patent examination,
    patents delivery, cylinders and weights, 7 nights

    Our diving school

    Marco Badolato: +39 3290335432 (Torre S.Antonio)
    Francesco Laratta : +39 3663650517 (Lo Squalo)
    Moreno Sandri: +39 331 6312551 (Lo Squalo)


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