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Exclusive beach service. (Infoline +39 3290335432)

We are facing the famous Tower of St. Anthony, watchtower once, today finely refurbished and transformed into a tourist resort destination for Italian and foreign guests. Our house guests and a limited number of outsiders can have access to Lido di Torre S. Antonio

At Tower St. Anthony we have revolutionized the concept of beach relaxing and customer care.
In order to maintain the high quality of the service we have a limited number of beach umbrella within the structure.

Since the lido is a sort of very exclusive club, upon first reception we will ask the courtesy to show some identification (or register yourself) with the other people of your group, to assure to all members of this small word relax and safety.. Thanks to the simple rules of good co-living will ensure a peaceful and safe stay to all our friends.

We also ask you to immediately communicate your desire to reserve your beach umbrella or extend your stay just because of closed number, sometimes requests exceed our availability.

Ours is a very small world, and selected so believe us when we tell you that we do the impossible to make your stay as pleasant as possible, whether unfortunally we are unable to find a place on the beach it is because of the rules that we set to treat you the best.
The Lido di Torre S. Antonio provides you with beach umbrellas, in addition to a large green area close to the sea that you can use to rest or enjoy the delicacies of our bistro serving strictly 0 food miles.. Our prices also include parking space so you do not have to start your day by the sea stressful searching for a parking space.

We have also equipped our green areas with barbecue for guests, table tennis, bowling alley, showers and of course an area for change your clothes.

Our aim is to enable you to enjoy a day of relaxing, while we take care to make you happy

If you want to make a gift to a loved one, contact us, we have a very special offer just for you.


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