Your home right on the beach..

A piece of Heaven right on the beach.
Are you surprised that Heaven is in the south of Italy? Probably not!
We work year by year to offer you an unforgettable holiday.
Most of our flats are builted on the beach, so during your holiday you will leave the car in our parking area and will spend all the time wearing a swimsuit and a sarong.
Torre S.Antonio is luxury: the wide green spaces and a uncrowded beach from May to October.
Torre S.Antonio is courtesy: our always smiling staff takes care of all your needs.
Torre S.Antonio is family: a place where people start talking again (you will find a delightful library on the beach, a wifi signal available in all our gardens and wide spaces for you).
Torre S.Antonio is unique and exclusive: you will meet other guests who, like you, prefere kindness, courtesy and need to regenerate themselves from their business life.

Is this what you are looking for? You are welcome!
Join our family and became Torre S.Antonio addicted ;)

With love

Torre S.Antonio staff

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