• Our Philosophy

    Have you ever been to Torre Sant’Antonio? If not, this page is dedicated to you!

    Torre Sant’Antonio is an oasis in the green by the beach: it is a very small reality and our guests usually share the same idea of vacation.

    Kindness and politeness are essential in this place where everyone can find their own space to recharge, where they can rediscover the pleasure of being together with their family or meet people to share the love for culture, simplicity and courtesy.

    Space is the most important word for us; we have always made sure that our guests have their own space: on the beach, where the umbrellas are well spaced, in our gardens, in our outdoor restaurant, where each table is surrounded by greenery.

    Courtesy is another word we love.
    All our staff are committed to make your holiday enjoyable. We are convinced that courtesy is a rare, but contagious gift; we will ask you immediately to help us by transiting at a walking pace in our internal streets, to respect the relaxation areas with silence and to promptly inform us of any need you may have.
    You will have an App with which you can communicate with us at any time: your time is precious and you are important to us.

    Culture: our guests are not looking for the mass village.
    The apartments are not equipped with TV: your children will be able to spend their days outdoors and rediscovering the ability to play and to know what surrounds them, you can disconnect from the routine forgetting for a while the rest of the world.

    The whole structure is covered by wifi and we have also thought of providing you with many pleasant alternatives to spend your time.
    You can play beach volleyball, table tennis and petanque. We organize stimulating meetings with writers, local craft markets and we screen films and sporting events.
    For the more dynamic we also organize excursions on the territory by land and sea.
    We have a library on the beach and the fruits of our trees are at your disposal.
    Our gardens on the beach represent an excellent opportunity to relax, for an aperitif, for lunch or dinner.

    Our kitchen offers a variety of traditional dishes: from “Stroncatura” to “Surici fish”, from “Pitta Caterisana” to “Wild Artichokes”, from “Parmigiana” to anchovies “alla Beccafico”.

    This is what we call  holiday; if you have any doubts or need more information we are at your disposal by phone or through the chat below.

    With love

    The staff of Torre S.Antonio
    +39 3290335432

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