Houses for rent in Calabria

If you are looking for a house on the beach into “Costa degli Angeli” Torre S.Antonio is the right place.
All the houses have their own distinct personality. Our philosophy is to make the guest feel at home, so that very often our customers ask us: “Is my house still available?”

 The complex consists of:

We also manage the rents, on behalf of other owners, of the following apartments in the same area

  • two apartaments inside Torre S.Antonio (Angelo e Panoramicissimo)
  • two villas on the beach (Villette Rustiche)
  • one small independent house few steps beside Torre S.Antonio (Prezioso)

we wait for you in this masterpiece of nature

This is a map where are located all the apartments.


  1. Giardino – Mezzanino – TorrePrincipale – Angelo – Panoramicissimo
  2. 2 Villetta Romantica – 2 Villetta Rustiche
  3. Aranceto 1st floor – Aranceto nel verde
  4. Prezioso

We are in the middle of Golfo di Squillace near many beautiful historical Centres

  • Badolato 4,5 Km
  • Sant’Andrea sullo Ionio 11 Km
  • Davoli 17 Km
  • Soverato 19 Km
  • Stilo 23 Km
  • Squillace 30 Km
  • Catanzaro 37 Km
  • Lamezia Terme 76 Km
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