• Torre Sant’Antonio: a unique place to recharge yourself

      Torre Sant’Antonio is located in Calabria on the Ionian coast near the village of Badolato: a beautiful “Borgo” in Italy. It was created for people looking for a holiday to regain energy from hard work: a green oasis directly on the beach. Kindness and grace are fundamental here where our guests can find their own space, to rediscover the […]

  • Safe holiday destinations 2020

    Are you looking for a  safe holiday destinations also during 2020?Discover Torre Sant’Antonio! The reasons why it is a safe destination for your holidays and take into account the concerns that those who go on vacation face: Healt: Torre Sant’Antonio is located in Calabria which is today one of the Italian regions without Coronavirus outbreaks. […]

  • Риск коронавируса в Италии: Калабрия – самый безопасный район в Италии

    В последние недели риски CoronaVirus в Италии возросли. В настоящее время в Италии было обнаружено более 1600 случаев CoronaVirus и погиб 41 человек. Несмотря на это, Калабрия по-прежнему является самым безопасным районом в Италии и, возможно, в Европе. Здесь ежедневно обновляется список коронавирусных инфекций в Италии по регионам. Пожалуйста, внимательно прочитайте эти соображения, если вы […]

  • Summer in Calabria

    Are you thinking of spending your summer in Calabria? Summer in calabria: this is probably the best idea you could have. Calabria in the summer is a land where the temperature is always hot. From May to October you can swim in the sea lying on wide beaches and with very few people. The Calabrians […]

  • Holiday in Calabria

    Why planning your holidays in Calabria? The holiday in Calabria is an experience to empathize with the territory. This is the land of soul: warm land and warm people Efficiency leaves the pust to humanity which must make up for organizational shortcomings. Holiday in Calabria is special because if you ask for information people, instead […]

  • Holiday in Italy

    Italy is the best place in the world for your holidays. Holidays in Italy are very different depending on the area you decide to visit. Holidays in northern Italy are characterized by great efficiency. The services are working properly and staff are used to dealing with foreigners. The advantages of going on holiday in northern […]

  • Rent House Calabria

    Have you ever thought about renting a house in Calabria? These are the reasons why renting a house in Calabria is an excellent idea. Prices: if you decide to rent a house in May, June, September and October the rental prices are very low. In this months there are very few tourists in Calabria and […]

  • Handmade scigliatelle recipe

    Calabrian traditional food recipe Scigliatelle are a type of homemade pasta made with straw thread made from re-milled durum wheat semolina, water and salt, typical of Calabria. The perfect recipe sees them accompanied with sheep sauce or olives. What I present to you is the original Recipe of the CalabreseScigliatelle, that of all the Calabrian […]

  • Coronavirus risk in Italy: Calabria is the safest area in Italy

    The risks of CoronaVirus in Italy have increased in recent weeks. At present, more than 1600 cases of CoronaVirus have been found in Italy and 41 people died. In spite of this Calabria is still the safest area in Italy and maybe in Europe. No cases of CoronaVirus have been found in Calabria at 27/2/2020. […]

  • La Torre con la fontana di Alfredo Pino

    Festival of responsible tourism IT.A.CÀ 2019

    Program of the festival of responsible tourism. During the “day of responsible tourism” in Santa Caterina dello Ionio we will try to explain the various aspects of a Calabrian people who decides to stay to preserve its tradition and to revive its economy. A unique journey with many faces that explains why the desire to […]

  • Restanza

    Stories of people remaining in Calabria Marco and Isabella Badolato want to stay in Calabria: their father was from Santa Caterina dello Ionio and they come back to Calabria. Marco works for Torre S. Antonio tourist business in Santa Caterina dello Ionio and Isabella in the management of his Astonishing Calabria holiday home and manages […]

  • CoronaVirus Emergency in Calabria: a special fundraising for the “Mater Domini Hospital” of Germaneto/Catanzaro in Calabria.

    Hi folks, We’d really appreciate if you will share and support this “crowdfunding” called #ANCHEDACASA Thanks to an important initiative of the calabrian artist Antonio Tropiano a special fundraising has been launched to support the “Mater Domini Hospital” of Germaneto – Catanzaro in Calabria. Even today the emergency-situation in Calabria is more better than Northern […]

  • Riace: Mimmo lucano and his model of hospitality

    The Riace model of the mayor Domenico Lucano is a very controversial reality. With his model the mayor of Riace divided the Italian population in two, among those who claim that it is a winning model and those who find it an illegal model. Everything comes from a personal vision of Mimmo Lucano: the classic […]

  • The best beaches for kids in Italy – Green Flag 2017

    The Italian paediatricians association has indicated the best beaches to go on holiday with kids. The assessment was made taking into account the cleanliness and safety of the sea, rescue equipment, lifeguards and lifeboats. The beaches have been assessed based on the presence of games, spaces to change the diaper or breastfeed, and nearby ice-cream […]

  • Rent a house in Italy

    If you are renting a house in Italy you need to know a few things. Italy has a large number of apartments for rent throughout its territory. Renting houses in the place of hotels is widespread as the tourist has the opportunity to enjoy many benefits. First of all, renting an apartment has lower prices […]

  • Mulinum: Stefano Caccavari project.

    This is a story of civic consciousness, stubborn determination, genuine ambition. Stefano Caccavari 26 years old, citizen and farmer in a small lovely village called San Floro nearby Catanzaro beach, on March 19 will inaugurate the Mulinum pizzeria , with 2 different woodburning –oven,, one for pizza and bread, the other for cakes. This is the last but not […]

  • Best beach resorts in Italy

    This is a list of the best resorts in Italy by the beach according to our visitors. In the evaluation, factors such as distance from the sea, comfort, privacy guaranteed to its guests, sea views, comfort provided during hospitality and of course value for money were taken into account. If you are aware of other resorts […]

  • The Calabrian towers

    This is a list of the most important Towers that stand in Calabria. The Towers were used in the past to defend the territory from the bizarre incursions, Saracens, Arabs and Normans. Bastione di Malta – Gizzeria (CATANZARO) The Malta bastion is a tower located in the territory of the municipality of Lamezia Terme, near […]

  • Traditional Calabrian food

    The Calabrian tradition is closely linked to its typical dishes. Here is a list of some traditional dishes of Calabrian culture. Do you want to know more about traditional Calabrian food? Take part in our gourmet tour Homemade scilatelle: they are a typical first dish that adorns the Sunday table of most Calabria. It was […]

  • Reggio Calabria: 6th edition of the “Mattinate Fai D’Inverno”

    Reggio Calabria 21/11/2017 On the occasion of the 6th edition of the “Mattinate Fai D’Inverno” for Schools, the San Paolo Museum will remain open. In the new and large exhibition center of the Palace of Culture in the heart of the city will be exhibited its large collection of about 200 ancient oriental icons, the […]

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