Our Tours, Experiences and Courses help you to know bettet Calabria and give you an important knowledge of Calabrian culture and history

  • Yoga Holiday in Calabria.

    A yoga holiday by the sea to recharge and dedicate 5 days to your mental and physical health 01/06/2022 – 05/06/2022 You will spend 5 days in an exclusive location directly on the beach and surrounded by greenery. During the holiday you will be supervised by a teacher expert in Yoga practice. Every day other […]

  • Soverato’s gourmet tour

    Gastronomic walk between the  market benches open on Friday morning in Soverato Do you know what a first salt is? Do you know the difference between animal and vegetable rennet? Would you like to know the difference between Burrata and Mozzarella? Have you ever seen a “surice”? These and much more you can learn by […]

  • The fasting Mimicking Diet holiday

    13/04/2022 – 19/04/2022 During this 7-days holiday Dr. Alessandra Morgante will follow you to optimize the benefits and ensure the correct application of the Fasting Mimicking Diet developed by Prof.Longo and produced by ProLon®. Professor Valter Longo is an Italian-American biogerontologist and cell biologist known for his studies on the role of fasting and nutrient response […]

  • Foraging plants – Seminary of recognition of plants for food use

    Do you know that in nature there are spontaneous edible plants? Many of them could be close to your home. How to distinguish them from other plants? Participate in our group stage: four days to learn how to live and cook the harvest of nature, comparing our experiences led by Roberto Vetromile, foraging teacher and […]

  • Ceramic course: grafto technique

    In these lands of Calabria, once Greek colonies and therefore called Magna Graecia, the ceramic activity has always been ourishing and varied. In particular, in the area of Squillace the craftsmen created the technique of graffiti that was made on the still raw product. In this course you will learn this fascinating technique with which […]

  • Get away from the city, from frenetic rhythms and rediscover your life outdoors.

    This holiday name is a tribute to an old Billy Cristal’s movie: “City Slickers” where three men decide to spend a week in contact with nature and it lasts country life. We offer you a “country week” to do what you’ve never done. You will learn to ride a horse, drive a tractor, shear and […]

  • Handmade traditional crib course

    Techniques for the creation of a crafted crib. The Nativity Scene is one of the most traditional icons of Italian culture. Southern Italy in particular has a rich tradition in the creation of handmade cribs. We would like to accompany you on this journey that will allow you to realize your craft crib following the […]

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