• Gay-friendly resort

    It sounds strange to specify that we are a gay-friendly resort.
    The correct word should be that we are a people friendly structure.
    Our structure is often visited by actors and politicians who appreciate being treated like normal people, but no one would ever think of declaring us VIP-friendly.
    Obviously no one will ever ask you information about your sexual orientation, so let’s see what are the characteristics that make a holiday in Torre Sant’Antonio a unique experience.



    We have always made sure that our guests have their own space: on the beach, where the umbrellas are well spaced, in our gardens, in our open-air restaurant, where each table is surrounded by greenery.
    Our area is famous for having km of free and deserted beach for those who want more freedom and independence.



    Our entire staff is committed to making your vacation a pleasant one. We are convinced that courtesy is a rare but contagious gift; we will immediately ask you to help us by moving at walking pace in our internal streets, to respect the relaxation areas with silence and to promptly inform us of any need you may have.


    Antonio Tropiano


    Culture and territory

    Our area offers all the opportunities even if you want to spend a romantic or particularly stimulating evening.
    A few km from our structure you will find a natural paradise made up of waterfalls and an artificial lake where you can swim in complete privacy.
    There is the possibility of tasting wine or typical products in panoramic and exclusive environments.

    The artists of the area will open their ateliers for interesting visits within Calabrian art.



    The Municipality of Santa Caterina dello Ionio is organized to celebrate weddings on the beach of Torre Sant’Antonio.
    We have already celebrated weddings on the beach and they have been truly special and exciting.
    There is, of course, no prejudice against same-sex marriage.


    We like to consider Torre Sant’Antonio a place where couples feel pampered and cared for regardless of their sexual orientation with the utmost respect for their privacy.

    With love

    Torre S.Antonio
    +39 3290335432

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