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    News on the Italian Government of 21 Sep 2021

    Francesca Donato leaves the League: Io No vax? Here the Giorgetti line prevails . Salvini: "Best wishes"
    Francesca Donato, a League member MEP who rejects the name of No vax, announced to her colleagues that she was leaving the party: "I can no longer stay in a party that supports Draghi. In many like me, a split is possible

    Salvini thinks he is staying in Milano Marittima From Feltri to Amicone: reckoning on the right
    Sala: arrived to be renewed. Bernardo: losing team

    School, quarantined classes for Covid infections are a few hundred out of over three hundred thousand
    Today the school year opens with Mattarella and Jacobs in Pizzo Calabro. According to the first data, primary and middle school students who cannot be vaccinated become infected

    School, the TAR rejects the new curricula for the disabled: discriminatory
    I administrative judges agreed with the families who had appealed against the total exemption of pupils from certain subjects. A measure that would have been in contrast with the international norms for the protection of disability

    Pnrr: Draghi, determined to crack down on criminal infiltrations
    'Spending funds honestly, our credibility is at stake'

    Donato leaves the League: 'Liberticide decrees'. Salvini: 'Greetings and best wishes for those who go away'
    He will remain in the ID group at the Eurocamera. 'I will defend minority of Italians labeled as "no-vax"

    Climate, Draghi:' Emergency as a pandemic, act now '
    ' Reduce greenhouse gas emissions or we will not stay under 1.5 degrees'

    Administrative test for parties, and challenge between allies
    For Pd general rehearsal of agreement with 5s. Salvini-Meloni, fight for the last vote

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