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    News on the Italian Government of 15 Jun 2021

    Verona, the mayor of Sboarina joins the Brothers of Italy: "But thanks to Salvini, he has always been close to me"
    The purchasing campaign of Giorgia Meloni's party continues, winning another round in the internal competition in the center-right

    Abandon a water dragon among monitor lizards, anacondas and tortoises of Parco Natura Viva
    The animal was left in the House of the giants which is already home to the Komodo dragons. The perpetrator of the gesture is now wanted by the forest police

    Mattarella in Paris, meeting with Macron on 5 July
    After a few meetings at the Quirinale with heads of state, the President of the Republic's travels abroad resume

    War of polls: Meloni passes, the Democratic Party surpasses everyone
    The leader of Fdi: 'We are not interested in the internal race in the center-right'

    Fuortes, with Trovatore at the Circus Maximus great work
    An honor President Mattarella at the opening of the Summer Season

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