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    News on the Italian Government of 4 Jul 2022

    Conte-Draghi hostility and conspiracy hypotheses

    The day by Conte da Draghi: the M5s leader will ask for "respect". And Grillo pushes citizenship income
    The post on the eve of the meeting. The former premier wants "tangible signs" to stay on

    Casini: "On the ius scholae I tell Meloni to reflect, it is not a baby gang"
    The former president of the Chamber: Twenty years ago I was talking about ius soli and there was no controversy from the center right, today I see a worrying involution. Giving citizenship to students who study is not only right, but it concerns our common destiny

    Sexist insults on social media to Alessandra Moretti: entrepreneur on trial
    The offending post was It was published in 2018 by the 56-year-old Fabio A., who in vain offered 5,000 euros to the PD MEP to get her to withdraw the complaint. Her: It's a battle of civilization and justice

    The Drug Dome in the Varese woods: doses, torture and slaves
    Criminal affairs in places where they are absent institutional reflections, and therefore in the end the less we talk about it the better we are. The "Drug Dome" is chaired by an area chief with jurisdiction over numerous woods that are not necessarily bordering on them

    Chloe Bianco's suicide concerns me. What damage to "our boys" from a skirt and a wig?
    The photo I chose this week shows smiling, in the foreground, Cloe Bianco, a teacher from the Scarpa-Mattei technical institute in San Donà di Piave who committed suicide because she suffered discrimination for her gender identity which she had decided to set aside her working environment.

    Kiev, 6,500 war crimes committed by Russian troops
    The bodies of 765 civilians, 30 children recovered in the capital

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