• Mario Draghi: all news about Italian politics.

    News on the Italian Government of 12 Jan 2022

    Bersani: Return to the Democratic Party? We need a new party from the whole left or something like the Olive Tree
    The former secretary of the Democratic Party: Draghi is in pole position for the Colle but an alternative must be sought

    Quirinale, Salvini: "Berlusconi now dissolve the reserve". And it evokes a government with political leaders
    Berlusconi gathers his people in Rome. Meloni: we take advantage of our golden share, but it is essential to be compact. Center-right summit this week

    I want to recover my father's treasure, Prof. Carmina: his books under the rubble
    The teacher's son who died in the explosion in Sicily: The library was his pride. One day he told me that he had dreamed of him and Mattarella on a boat watching the sea

    I admire Umberto Bossi, the Davide Padano. A true politician: brilliant, crazy, unpredictable "
    The article by Sebastiano Vassalli in the Senatur:" I don't share his aims and I don't appreciate either language or style, but he is a gift for those who are a writer . The battle against Goliath-Berlusconi was a masterpiece. Now he threatens to divide the state. Will he succeed? Hard. He is a protagonist without supporting actors and he has one defect: the non-irresistible magnetism

    Arci: The cultural non-profit is suffering. Appeal to Draghi and Franceschini
    Pandemic effect. The national president Daniele Lorenzi wrote to the premier and the minister of culture: Don't forget us. Prompt support from the government is needed

    Quirinale, Letta: "Mattarella? It would be the best". The appeal for an encore by the President in office rises also among the M5s deputies
    The identikit of the Democratic Party for the Colle is "a president or president with an institutional profile, not a party leader". For the dem secretary "We need a new pact between the political forces to reach 2023"

    Quirinale, Salvini: 'Draghi premier or there will be confusion'
    The leader of the League : 'Without the most important piece of government I don't know how we would get out'

    Scandal party, 'Secretary Johnson stays in his post'
    Premier Gb supports Martin Reynolds, sent emails 'indicted'

    Sassoli: Draghi in the Chamber in the Chamber: 'Protagonist in the EU, defended the weakest'
    Prime Minister Mario Draghi also participates

    From Gentiloni to Meloni, the memory of David Sassoli
    The EU Commissioner for Economic Affairs: 'He was a democratic and pro-European leader'. The president of Fdi: 'Honest man and loyal opponent'

    David Sassoli, condolences for the death of the president of the European Parliament. Mattarella: 'Deeply saddened'
    He was hospitalized for the onset of a serious complication due to a dysfunction of the immune system

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