Riviera e borghi degli Angeli | Beach resort in Calabria - Dimora Storica Torre Sant'Antonio

Riviera e borghi degli Angeli

Torre S. Antonio has joined the Riviera and Borghi degli Angeli association.

The Association aims to promote tourism in the area of ​​the lower Ionian Calabrian.
Create a tourist district that can offer a series of tourist services addressed to a tourist lover of slow tourism.

The initiatives of the association Riviera and Borghi degli Angeli aim to rediscovery the activities related to the land and the rediscovery of the values ​​of the Calabrian tradition.

The Association of Tour Operators “ Riviera and Borghi degli Angeli” has decided to create a network that can unite the companies of the Calabrian Lower Ionian, which operate in the tourism services sector. Priority and fundamental for our territory is a sustainable economic development that protects and safeguards our natural, landscape and environmental resources.
The tourist brand “Riviera e Borghi degli Angeli” offers diversified types of accommodation and is integrated with a project of “Albergo Albergo – Ospitalità Diffusa”.

It promotes a slow and experiential tourism, authentic and relational, a new kind of approach to the environment and to the people who live it to discover the best authentic Calabria.

Here you can find our experiences related to the territory.

The following municipalities in the Gulf of Squillace join the association Riviera and Borghi degli Angeli

  • Badolato 4,5 Km
  • Guardavalle 5,3 Km
  • Sant’Andrea sullo Ionio 11 Km
  • Monasterace 17 Km
  • Stilo 23 Km
  • San Floro 43 Km

On the association website http://www.rivieradegliangeli.it/ you can see the complete list of members.

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