• Some pretty rules

    Some simple rules to live happily ever after.

    Please read these points carefully.

    Reservation (It’s easy…)
    1.1 The quote request must necessarily be made by website
    1.2 Upon confirmation  you will receive an e-mail booking code for the bank transfer.
    1.3 You can pay the deposit by bank account or by credit card.
    1.4 If you pay by bank account the payment MUST contain the booking code received (sorry, but this point is often underestimated so we are forced to introduce a penalty of 10 euros for those who ignore the point)
    1.5 The reservation is confirmed after we have verified the deposit (with reservation code)
    1.6 The balance must be paid by bank transfer at least 20 days before arrival.

    2.1 Guests arrivals are scheduled between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm on the day of arrival. In case of arrival at different time, please communicate it promptly. In case of arrival of the guests from 20.00 to 7.00 a surcharge of 20 euros will be applied. In case of early arrival you can still access our relaxation area to wait for the delivery of the apartment.
    2.2 A deposit of 150 euros will be requested upon arrival for any damages.

    During the stay
    3.2 The apartment must be occupied by the persons indicated during booking. Any change of the name or number of occupants must be promptly communicated to the management that has the right to accept or not.
    3.3 Your visiting guests occasionally (1 or 2 days): notify us promptly if you invite someone to visit you.
    3.4 Your visiting guests for longer periods: if you have friends who come to visit you every day you need to take a parasol. Every 3 guests need to rent a parasol. This is in order to maintain a high quality service relationship. The obligation to promptly communicate the names of your guests is obviously valid.
    3.5 Failure to comply with points 3.3 and 3.4 may result in a ban on access for your visiting guests.
    3.6 Breakfasts are served in the kiosk area and include a standard menu. Any variations are possible. They must be communicated promptly at the beginning of the week or the day before and may provide for a surcharge. Breakfast can be served or buffet depending on the organizational needs of the structure.
    3.7 The cleaning is weekly and include the change of sheets and the remaking of the beds. They do not include kitchen cleaning. The towels are changed twice a week. On request it is possible to change more frequently and to supply beach towels.
    Rags are provided with the apartment. Please do not use towels for cleaning. The cost of changing towels or extra sheets or extra and extra cleaning will be quoted separately.
    3.7 A common laundry is available in the structure. To make use of it, just ask for the key of the laundry room at the kiosk or to a manager. Wi will charge only occupation time of laundry room. (Time of possession of the key)
    3.8 From 14 to 16 we respect a strict silence with abstention from noisy activities. Adults are responsible for helping us to maintain our relaxing atmosphere by taking care of children or animal friends and avoiding disturbance, especially during night time and relaxation.
    3.9 Animal friends are welcome and there is no surcharge for their presence. We ask pet owners to respect the reserved areas.

    The departure
    4.1 The apartment must be left at 11 o’clock.
    4.2 The apartment should be left with the kitchen clean and the kitchen set in place. Otherwise a penalty of Euro 15 will be applied.
    4.3 The parasol is at your disposal until 12 noon. In case of stay up to a time forwarded, the management can provide you with umbrellas courtesy until evening. This availability must be verified at the moment and is subject to organizational needs. Please do not occupy the omnrellone after the indicated time.
    4.4 The parasol costs Euro 100 per week for the customers of the Torre S.Antonio complex and 150 for the exteriors.
    4.5 Visiting guests can use the same prices as the customers of the Torre S.Antonio complex.

    Thank you for coming to the bottom of this long list.

    We are waiting for you at the Tower to share good moments with you.

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