• Holiday in Italy

    Italy is the best place in the world for your holidays.

    Holidays in Italy are very different depending on the area you decide to visit.
    Holidays in northern Italy are characterized by great efficiency. The services are working properly and staff are used to dealing with foreigners.

    The advantages of going on holiday in northern Italy are:

    • Proximity to northern European countries
    • Premises and adequately equipped structures
    • Places well cared for by man
    • The ability to find English-speaking staff
    • The possibility of visiting already well-known places

    The disadvantages of going on holiday in northern Italy are:

    • A temperature that is often lower than in the rest of Italy
    • The presence of many tourists, especially in the periods closest to the high season
    • The large-scale commercial offer that offers itineraries that are not very customized to your needs.

    The holiday in northern Italy is ideal for the classic tourist who does not want to experience the area deeply, but to follow standardized itineraries.

    The more we move towards southern Italy the more we empathize with the territory.

    Efficiency leaves the pust to humanity which must make up for organizational shortcomings.

    During the holiday in southern Italy it is normal to meet a person who instead of giving you an indication gets up and accompanies you to the place you need to visit.
    During the holiday in southern Italy it is normal for people to invite you to enter their home or have a coffee.
    During the holiday in southern Italy it is normal for a fisherman to whom you ask to buy fish to invite you to fish with him.
    During the holiday in southern Italy it is normal that people are not considered tourists, but friends, a friendship that most of the time does not end when you return home.

    You will find friends for life who will be happy to hear from you during the holidays, meet you next year, send you the products they have prepared for their family during the holidays.
    The holiday in southern Italy is an experience that changes your life and that leads you to empathize with the people of the place.

    The advantages of going on holiday in South Italy are:

    • Warmer temperatures all year round
    • Warmer people all year round
    • Lower rates
    • Wide beaches with very few people
    • Unknown places and cultures that you never imagined you would find.
    • You will be treated like a friend and not a customer.
    • A wild and beautiful panorama.

    The disadvantages of going on holiday inSouth Italy are:

    •  It won’t always be perfect
    • You won’t always find people who speak English.
    • You will have to organize yourself to visit the most hidden and most beautiful places

    If you are a traveler and not a tourist, a holiday in southern Italy is for you.

    This is the reason why we decided to build our holiday resort in Southern Italy.

    We are in Calabria and if you want to know more visit our website.

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