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  • News about Ukraine situation

    News of April 15, 2022 on the situation in Ukraine

    Pentagon, Moskva a hard blow for Russian fleet
    The comment on the news that Putin's flagship sank

    Ukraine, Macron reiterates his no to the word 'genocide'
    'Verbal escalation is useless and does not help'

    Pentagon, weapons in ' East Ukraine in less than a week
    US defense department 'does not deny' Moscow attack started

    Putin, now there is no possibility to replace Russian gas
    'Attacks by European partners drive prices up'

    Biden lower and lower in polls, only 33% approves
    Quinnipiac, takes 39% of Ukraine % of approval

    Moscow, 790,000 civilians from Donbass and Ukraine entered Russia
    150,000 children too. Every day 20,000 people cross the border

    Kremlin, Putin never refused meeting with Zelensky
    'But a document must be drawn up before the meeting'

    Ukraine: Di Maio, threats won't stop us
    'I am worried about this denialism circulating in Italy'

    The military update on the war in Ukraine and the three factors of the conflict: surprise, strength, weapons
    The surprises come from the least followed front, that of the sea. The forces are of the Russian army, which aims to conquer the Donbass. The weapons come from the West: the numbers are considerable, but the battle is crushing lives, consuming stocks and the defenders will be pressed from various directions

    The Russians and the pro-Putin white belt: what it means
    The white bands of the Russian population imitate those of the military. Coordinated propaganda operations, especially by government associations. They all post the same, identical comment

    US warning to China: possible «secondary sanctions» for war in Ukraine
    US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen , has issued a warning to "countries that are sitting on the fence, hoping to make gains from the war", and explicitly quoted Beijing. And the White House is studying "secondary sanctions"

    Russian cruiser Moskva, what we know about the ship
    Kiev claims to have hit the target with two Neptune missiles. Another scenario is that of the explosion on board due to accidental causes. In both cases, it is a blow to the prestige of Russia and Putin

    Governor Pavlo Kirilenko fighting against his brother Evjeny: "He is pro-Russian, an enemy"
    Meeting with Zelensky's man in the Ukrainian Donbass: «When it came to choosing, there was a break. Unexpected but profound, painful, irreversible »

    Medvedev, the former polite Russian president who became one of Putin's hawks
    When he took over from Putin in the Kremlin in 2009, he deluded Russia on a liberal turn. By now he has thrown off the mask. Here is the portrait of this man of power who grew up in the shadow of the Tsar

    The war of spies in Ukraine: the hypothesis that there are Western agents on the ground with false passports
    Washington has moved on to "phase 2", providing intelligence support to Ukrainian troops. But the "mind" of the conflict remains a mystery: Vladimir Putin

    Ukraine Russia, today's news on the war | Usa, Biden: "Ready to go to Kiev"
    The news of Thursday 14 April on the war in Ukraine, live: Russian cruiser Moskva hit. Mariupol's fall seems imminent. Kremlin: with Finland and Sweden in NATO there will be consequences in the Baltic Sea

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