• Rent a house in Italy

    If you are renting a house in Italy you need to know a few things.

    house for rent in ItalyItaly has a large number of apartments for rent throughout its territory.
    Renting houses in the place of hotels is widespread as the tourist has the opportunity to enjoy many benefits.
    First of all, renting an apartment has lower prices for the same room size.
    The apartments are equipped with kitchen so if you do not want to go out to eat you can cook comfortably and economically at home.
    Also the owner is very often very helpful to let you know the territory not based on packages to sell, but based on his knowledge of the territory.

    Where are the apartments in Italy?

    The whole Italian territory is rich in apartments and above all the Italian territory is worth visiting.
    Most of the tourists know very little about Italy, many of them in fact consider their holidays in Venice, Trentino, Tuscany, Rome, Amalfi and Sicily.
    Recently, Lombardy, Matera and Puglia have also become famous.

    The lack of knowledge of Italy addresses foreign tourists towards very touristy and very cautious lifestyles.
    The fact that tourists visit places with lots of tourism is the main reason why Italy is considered a very expensive state.

    There are indeed many beautiful places where renting a home in Italy is very cheap, but especially where the holiday turns into a great adventure to discover the territories and the population.

    Calabria in particular is a region where renting a home means getting in touch with the population.
    The tourist in Calabria soon becomes a friend of the hosts having the opportunity to go fishing with the locals, to enjoy homemade food of the country’s ladies, where a walk turns into a collection of mushrooms.

    Our mission in Calabria is to host you in our apartments, but also to let you know our territory.

    We will organize boat trips, horseback, aerial. Walking tours and snorkeling days.

    Certificate Be Calabrian

    Certificate Be Calabrian

    We will teach you to cook and eat calabrian.

    We offer some houses directly on the beach but if you prefer to live in the village we will contact who can make you live this wonderful experience so you can come home telling you to know Calabria and to be in part …. become Calabrese.

    If you want to know more, write to us becalabrese@torresantantonio.it

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