• Summer in Calabria

    Are you thinking of spending your summer in Calabria?

    Summer in calabria: this is probably the best idea you could have.

    Calabria in the summer is a land where the temperature is always hot.
    From May to October you can swim in the sea lying on wide beaches and with very few people.

    The Calabrians are hospitable and consider the tourist as a friend, not as a customer. For this reason I want to give you some advice if you want to spend your summer in Calabria.

    • Be patient: in Calabria it doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, life has slow and never frenetic rhythms. If you come from a big city you will appreciate the slow Calabrian rhythm and this will most likely involve you.
    • Always say hello: the Calabrians are very hospitable and particularly appreciate the kind people. It is also easy that by greeting a person at lunchtime she invites you to her house to taste what she is eating or at least to drink a coffee.
    • Summer in Calabria is very hot: especially if you are fair-skinned, remember to wear a hat and bring sunscreen.
    • Road signs in Calabria: they simply aren’t there. It is not always easy to find the places you want to reach.
      An excellent navigator that works very well in Calabria is “Waze”. When you are in the villages you will find that everyone in Calabria is very willing to give you directions and often to accompany you to your destination in person. Don’t be surprised, they don’t want to be paid, they are hospitable.
    • Making friends with the Calabrians: there is an easy way to become a local. Offering coffee or beer to someone who has done you a favor will be the best way to quickly get to know him.
      The key phrase will be: “Posso offrirti un caffè/una birra?” (Can I offer you a coffee / a beer?)

    These are our apartments on the beach for your summer in Calabria

    If you want to spend your Summer in Calabria you can visit our website.

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