• 26th edition of the Surf Casting World Championship for Clubs

    Soverato, May the20th, 2018

    It will begin the 26th edition of the Surf Casting World Championship for Clubs to be held on the coast of Catanzaro from 20 to 25 May. This is the first of seven international sport fishing events that will take place on our peninsula organized by FIPSAS, the Italian Federation of Sport Fishing and Underwater Activities. The competition will be attended by 13 teams from Spain, France, Holland, Portugal and Belgium.
    Sunday, May the20th opening ceremony at 17.00 in Soverato (18 km north), waterfront area.

    The competition
    The race, as per the FIPS-Mer regulation, the International Federation of offshore sport fishing, will be developed in four 4-hour sessions, and will come alive from 6 pm on Tuesday 22 May and end at 12.00 on Friday 25 May.
    It will be an extremely important occasion, not only to get to know this fishing discipline from the beach with sturdy canes that can launch at considerable distances from the shore, but also to discover the beauty of a land loved by the sun and embraced by two seas that draw its outlines in the heart of the Mediterannean, in a marvelous and mythical landscape, worthy of being lived and visited.

    The program
    Sunday, May 20 ceremony opening at 17.00 in Soverato, waterfront area. Monday, May 21st at 3:00 pm, meeting of pregara and delivery of baits to competitors. At 5.00 pm access to the competition area, at 6.00 pm the official test race will start in Catanzaro Lido, along the seafront. 10.00 pm end of the official test race. Tuesday, May 22 at 16.00 departure of competitors to the field of competition and at 18:00 start of the official race at San Sostene, waterfront area. 22:00 pm end of the official competition. Wednesday, May 23 at 17:00 access to the competition by the athletes, start of the II official race at Sellia marina, waterfront area at 18:00. 22.00 hours end of the 2nd official race. Thursday, May 24th at 3:00 pm departure of competitors towards the competition area and at 5:00 pm start of the 3rd official race at Giovino in Catanzaro Lido. 9.00 pm end of the 3rd official race. Friday, May 25 at 07.00 access to the competition by the athletes and at 08.00 start of the IV official race in San Sostene. 12:00 am end of the 4th official race. At 5:30 pm gathering at Resort Club Esse Sun Beach for the closing ceremony and award ceremony.

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