• Eventi in Calabria del 30 Agosto 2022

    Una rassegna dei migliori eventi di martedì 30 agosto in Calabria Martedì 30 agosto alle ore 18,00, presso il Museo Nazionale e Parco archeologico di Locri Epizephyri, riprenderanno, con il patrocinio del Ministero della Cultura e della Deputazione di Storia Patria per la Calabria, le attività promosse dal Circolo di Studi Storici “Le Calabrie”con la […]

  • Eventi in Calabria del 29 Agosto 2022

    Una rassegna dei migliori eventi di lunedì 29 agosto in Calabria

  • CoronaVirus Emergency in Calabria: a special fundraising for the “Mater Domini Hospital” of Germaneto/Catanzaro in Calabria.

    Hi folks, We’d really appreciate if you will share and support this “crowdfunding” called #ANCHEDACASA Thanks to an important initiative of the calabrian artist Antonio Tropiano a special fundraising has been launched to support the “Mater Domini Hospital” of Germaneto – Catanzaro in Calabria. Even today the emergency-situation in Calabria is more better than Northern […]

  • Chiara Ferragni celebrates the 20th birthday of her “Aqua Allegoria” perfume in Calabria.

    The blogger Chiara Ferragni wanted to celebrates the 20th birthday of her “Aqua Allegoria” perfume in Calabria. The scent was made with the aroma of Bergamot, typical Calabrian citrus. This event demonstrates how important the Bergamot industry is at an international level. For the occasion, Guerlain wanted to celebrate in the homeland of the Bergamot […]

  • WWF Oasis Day: a Sunday in nature

    Sunday May the 20th 2018 Thanks to the WWF Oasis  in Italy, endangered species such as otter, wolf, Sardinian deer, lannerfish, aquatic turtles and various species of amphibians have been saved. Throughout the day the oases will be open in Calabria to the public free of charge, with special events that will allow you to get […]

  • Symphonic Concert in Dance at the Castle of Roccella

    Roccella Jonica, May the20th, 2018 This event will combine classical dance, music and lyrical singing! Elite Danza will be present with its own body of dance, together with the wind orchestra of Pazzano and the soprano Eleonora Pisano Sunday, May 20, 19 hours, Amphitheater at the Castle (Roccella Jonica) Free entry Roccella Jonica is about […]

  • 26th edition of the Surf Casting World Championship for Clubs

    Soverato, May the20th, 2018 It will begin the 26th edition of the Surf Casting World Championship for Clubs to be held on the coast of Catanzaro from 20 to 25 May. This is the first of seven international sport fishing events that will take place on our peninsula organized by FIPSAS, the Italian Federation of […]

  • Squillace, best excellences of art and craftsmanship of Made in Italy “Buongiorno Ceramica!”

    Squillace, May the20th, 2018 It will take shape in Squillace the national event “Buongiorno Ceramica!”, aimed at enhancing the Italian city with artistic ceramic production with certified brand. The festival, now in its fourth year, wants to find out the best excellences of art and craftsmanship of Made in Italy and let the experience of the […]

  • Reggio Calabria: 6th edition of the “Mattinate Fai D’Inverno”

    Reggio Calabria 21/11/2017 On the occasion of the 6th edition of the “Mattinate Fai D’Inverno” for Schools, the San Paolo Museum will remain open. In the new and large exhibition center of the Palace of Culture in the heart of the city will be exhibited its large collection of about 200 ancient oriental icons, the […]

  • Calabria will be present at FICO (Eatly)

    Bologna 15/09/17  Calabria will be at FICO (Eatly), the first Italian Farmer Factory that will begin on November 15th in Bologna. It will present the typical products of our land. It is an important presence in the “largest agricultural park in the world”, which is part of a wider strategy to revitalize the brand Calabria […]

  • Scalea: the greatness of the art in Calabria

    Scalea, 7/11/2017 About 250 young Russians (6 up to 16 years old) participated in the cultural initiative at its eighth edition in Calabria. The young people stayed for a week in calabria and participated in an intense dance, acting and singing process. The inauguration took place in the multifunctional hall of the town of Scalea […]

  • Cosenza: chocolate party

    Cosenza, 26/10/2017 The chocolate party in Cosenza is at the 15th edition. On the last weekend of October, Cosenza becomes “the city of chocolate“, inserted in recent years in two tourist catalogs addressed to schools. A prestigious national recognition due mainly to the success of the Chocolate Festival. A manifestation that was born fifteen years […]

  • Cosenza: Pictures for Calabria

    Cosenza, 14/10/2017   Competition for young artists [photography and video art] under 40 Show finalist works Cosenza – National Gallery of Cosenza – Palazzo Arnone Saturday, October 14, 2017 at 17.00 at the National Gallery of Cosenza, on the occasion of the Contemporary Day promoted by AMACI – Association of Museums of Contemporary Art of […]

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