• Coronavirus risk in Italy: Calabria is the safest area in Italy

    The risks of CoronaVirus in Italy have increased in recent weeks.
    At present, more than 1600 cases of CoronaVirus have been found in Italy and 41 people died.

    In spite of this Calabria is still the safest area in Italy and maybe in Europe.
    No cases of CoronaVirus have been found in Calabria at 27/2/2020.
    Updated situation

    Please read carefully these consideration if you are planning to come in Calabria on vacation.

    • Calabria is definitely a safe destination where there are very low riskss of a CoronaVirus epidemy.
      These are the main reasons that make our region safe against Coronavirus:
      Absence of mass tourism and absence of Chinese tourism.
      In fact, the Chinese prefer to stay in 4 and 5 star hotels. Our area instead prefers smaller structures that have a direct and personal relationship with the customer.
    • Coronavirus, like all influences and viruses, fears the heat.
      Calabria is one of the Italian regions with the greatest number of sunny days in Italy. The Calabria region, like all the southern regions of Italy, has a very high average annual temperature and almost never temperatures, even in winter they drop below 10 degrees during the day.
      In spring and summer the climate is always pleasant around 20 degrees and it is almost always possible to swim in the sea.
      This temperature helps to strengthen the immune system and avoid the infection of viruses.
    • The Calabrese population lives the peasant work daily. Contact with the campaign further strengthens the immune system to defend against the Coronavirus.
    • Most of the population feeds on local food. The absence of products from unknown destinations reinforces health safety. Food rich in proteins and vitamins strengthens organisms to defend themselves from diseases in general.

    If you want to know more about a safe holiday away from the risks of Coronavirus in our region and in particular in Torre S.Antonio we suggest you take a look at our video: https://www.torresantantonio.it/movie

    And to find out more information on our website:

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