• Festival of responsible tourism IT.A.CÀ 2019

    Program of the festival of responsible tourism.

    During the “day of responsible tourism” in Santa Caterina dello Ionio we will try to explain the various aspects of a Calabrian people who decides to stay to preserve its tradition and to revive its economy.
    A unique journey with many faces that explains why the desire to stay in this territory is so strong.
    The ethics of restency is measured by the arrival of others, with the placing in custody of one’s place of belonging, with the need to have respect, to have a new attention, a particular sensitivity, for our places. Sometimes we praise the places and then disfigure them: therefore this ethic of staying also involves a coherence between the choice to stay and that of giving, concretely, a new meaning to the places, preserving them and giving them back to a new life .. . (Vito Teti)  

    Santa Caterina dello Ionio 06/07/2019

    From 9 a.m.
    Arrival of the participants in Santa Caterina dello Ionio marina at the Torre S.Antonio. Welcome cocktail and program delivery with info about the organization of the day.

    Santa Caterina is traditional production.

    From 9.30 am opening of a market exhibition created by a series of local producers and artisans who will talk about and taste the typical products of the place:

    cured meats, cheeses, wild artichokes, jams, wine and various other productions of the territory of Santa Caterina

    Santa Caterina is creativity.
    At the same time we will also have 5 demonstration stands: – musical stand where you can observe the original Calabrian instruments, and a music lesson on the instruments will be held by the maestro Francesco Giannini

    • creative stand of Imma Lazzaro that will show how “Creattiva” jewels are born
    • Pietro Capano who will show us the production of briar to make pipes.
    • Giuseppe Parisi that transforms the ancient tiles of the roofs into wonderful personalized paintings that tell the story of our territory

    Santa Caterina is history.
    From 10 am to 12 pm
    for a duration of about 30 minutes there will be guided tours of the Saracen Watch Tower Torre S. Antonio.

    Torre S.Antonio is one of the few (about 50) towers still in good condition of the more than 350 original ones that made up the defensive system of the coast against the pirates who came from the sea.

    Santa Caterina is relax.
    Lunch in the gardens of Torre S. Antonio based on typical Calabrian products revisited by our chef.

    Santa Caterina is art
    Around 14.00 after lunch
    we climb to the village of Santa Caterina where we will visit the workshop of Maestro Antonio Tropiano famous for woodworking. A guided journey in his creative world.

    Santa Caterina and its Borgo
    The village of Santa Caterina famous for its portals, for its churches and for its private catoji, in the past all the families had one, for the occasion the most beautiful ones will be opened.

    Visit to the millstones with demonstration of how wine production took place.


    Santa Caterina is  emphaty.
    During the stay it will be possible to request the traditional practice of “sdocchiatura”

    NOTE: in Calabria there is a private, NON MAGIC practice, but one of empathy between people. This practice is called “snubbing” and aims to share difficult moments.
    It is a very important practice for the Calabrian tradition and has no commercial purposes. Those who wish to can request to participate in one of these ceremonies during his stay in the village.
    It is carried out by some ladies of the town and those who wish may request to benefit from this practice.
    The purpose is to share negative energies to get rid of them, for this reason those who catalyze these energies will be able to perform at most 3 practices in the afternoon.
    The practice is free and discretionary, for this reason we will not accept photos or ironic attitudes towards those who carry out the practice.

    Santa Caterina is food.
    At the end of the day it will be possible to book dinner in one of the renowned restaurants of our country

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