• Reggio Calabria: 6th edition of the “Mattinate Fai D’Inverno”

    San Paolo Museum

    Reggio Calabria 21/11/2017

    On the occasion of the 6th edition of the “Mattinate Fai D’Inverno” for Schools, the San Paolo Museum will remain open.
    In the new and large exhibition center of the Palace of Culture in the heart of the city will be exhibited its large collection of about 200 ancient oriental icons, the paintings from the thirteenth to the nineteenth century attributed to important artists, the beautiful ivory and the precious silver of the most important laboratories jewels of southern Italy, medieval sculptures, precious fabrics, ancient books, coins and archaeological pieces. the Ciceroni® Apprentice students, specially prepared by their teachers in collaboration with the FAI, will be guides in various sections of the Museum. The schools that participated in the Winter FAI Winter Campaign for the Schools with the FAI Delegation in Reggio Calabria are: National Convention T. Campanella, Liceo Scientifico L. Da Vinci, Economic Technical Institute R. Piria, Artistic Lyceum M. Preti / A. Frangipane, Liceo Scientifico A. Volta of Reggio C. and the Istituto Superiore Ten.Col. Families of Melito P.S., Istituto Superiore Severi / Guerrisi of Gioia Tauro, Tourist Hotel Institute of Villa S. Giovanni.

    The museum will be open to visiting schools from Monday 27 November to Saturday 2 December from 9am to 12.30pm. Also for the day of Saturday 2 the visits will be open to the public.

    Thanks to the FAI Delegations active throughout the national territory, they will be open, free of charge and exclusive for classes of every order and degree, wonderful treasures in over 95 cities of Italy.
    At school time, class students will have the opportunity to attend guided tours conducted by their peers, with the aim of bringing the young people’s world closer to the history and culture of the place and experiencing an unusual participatory education experience.

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