• Restanza

    Stories of people remaining in Calabria

    Marco and Isabella Badolato want to stay in Calabria:
    their father was from Santa Caterina dello Ionio and they come back to Calabria.

    Marco works for Torre S. Antonio tourist business in Santa Caterina dello Ionio and Isabella in the management of his Astonishing Calabria holiday home and manages experiences for tourists in this area.

    Nunzio Marino wants to stay in Calabria:
    he is following his passion for cooking and for nature. Nunzio as well as being an excellent cook, a student of Fabio Fiorelli, is also a graduate in forest science and is an expert on the local flora.

    Raffaele Dolce wants to stay in Calabria:
    he has created CateriSana because he wants to promote the dissemination of the genuineness of the southern Ionian Calabrese. His company deals with the production and distribution of agricultural products and supports the farmer’s intimate and timeless relationship with his land.

    Francesco Giannini wants to stay in Calabria:
    he has opened a traditional instruments music school, where you can learn to play the traditional instruments of the Caterina culture: organetto, Calabrian lira, tambourine, swing guitar and bagpipes.
    His passion for music keeps him firmly tied to the territory where, among other things, he plays in numerous summer events.

    Antonio Tropiano wants to stay in Calabria:
    he is an artist who is promoting his work related to the world of wood carving. He holds many university-level conferences throughout Italy, but has decided that his world is here and to strengthen his roots he has started a winery with his brothers.
    His production mixs the Cabernet Sauvignon to the oldest and most cautious Coccolino. Antonio dreams to open a Wooden and Intaglio School in Santa Caterina dello Ionio.

    Cosimo Romeo wants to stay in Calabria:
    has a farm set up in Santa Caterina dello Ionio that prefers the production of local products. Among these, the pizzutello tomato caterisano, the wild artichokes and of course the olive oil. In recent years he has discovered that our territory is very appreciated also for the breeding of snails.

    Maria Teresa Capano wants to stay in Calabria:
    graduated in Tourism Economics, she started a holiday home business in the village of Santa Caterina dello Ionio and accompanies tourists around the village.

    Tommaso Conidi wants to stay in Calabria:
    he was 30 years in Asti, now he is back in Santa Caterina dello Ionio and is a hobby photographer. Tommaso is the historical memory of Santa Caterina, since it has always kept the photos of the town.

    Villages around Santa Caterina dello Ionio:

    • Badolato 4,5 Km
    • Sant’Andrea sullo Ionio 11 Km
    • Davoli 17 Km
    • Soverato 19 Km
    • Stilo 23 Km
    • Squillace 30 Km
    • Catanzaro 37 Km
    • Lamezia Terme 76 Km

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