• Chiara Ferragni celebrates the 20th birthday of her “Aqua Allegoria” perfume in Calabria.

    The blogger Chiara Ferragni wanted to celebrates the 20th birthday of her “Aqua Allegoria” perfume in Calabria.
    The scent was made with the aroma of Bergamot, typical Calabrian citrus.
    This event demonstrates how important the Bergamot industry is at an international level.
    For the occasion, Guerlain wanted to celebrate in the homeland of the Bergamot that allowed this perfume to become so famous. Invited to Reggio Calabria, influencers and journalists from all over the world.
    Together with Chiara Ferragni, the great and well-known perfumer Thierry Wasser, the manager Anna Krasina, Christabel Chua, Audrey, Carlota Weber Mazuecos, Tatiana Vasilieva, Caroline Daur, Valentina Debernardi of Vanity Fair and other famous characters on social media all the continents, specifically wanted by Guerlain on the banks of the Strait to further publicize the product on social networks around the world, proposing it to new generations and carrying out a major marketing operation.A great opportunity for this beautiful territory: there are hundreds of photos and stories on Instagram published by these girls who have millions of followers while telling the process of working the bergamot.

    In the afternoon yesterday, the VIPs and influencers took photo shoots in the Grecian area and tours with the vintage cars of the area. In the evening big night party at Via Veneto, in the heart of the city, next to the Hotel Excelsior where they stay.
    This morning they visited the Capua plant that works citrus reggino and then they had lunch at Chianalea, flooding the social with enchanting images of Scilla with the sun and a climate so mild in the middle of winter. An extraordinary tourist showcase for our territory.

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