• Cosenza: chocolate party

    Cosenza, 26/10/2017

    The chocolate party in Cosenza is at the 15th edition.
    On the last weekend of October, Cosenza becomes “the city of chocolate“, inserted in recent years in two tourist catalogs addressed to schools.
    A prestigious national recognition due mainly to the success of the Chocolate Festival. A manifestation that was born fifteen years ago by the invasion of the provincial CNA and by the commitment and the precious synergy between the Province, the municipality of Cosenza and the same Association of Category that delegated to Publiepa the general coordination of the Event, which has become the most great success, in his son-in-law, of the entire region.

    Pino De Rose, patron of the event, said: “Cosenza is the city of chocolate thanks to a show that has shown the talents and the quality of the products of the territory.”

    A traditional appointment of the cosentino falls promotes and promotes the good Calabrian artisan chocolate.
    A showcase for our chocolate masters. In the last edition participated the artisans of the provincial territory and the chocolate masters who came a bit from all over Italy. An event aimed at promoting, above all, the happy combination of artisan chocolates and typical local products: chili pepper, cedar, figs, bergamot.

    The Chocolate Festival aims to promote the talents and creativity of artisans in the area, promoting the union of tradition and innovation. The Chocolate Festival has involved more than 180,000 visitors in the past edition. Visitors have also come from outside the region to attend a big party in the square. On the 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th October you can enjoy the sweet specialties of many chocolate masters and discover the many novelties of chocolate and tradition in Calabria.

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