• Cosenza: Pictures for Calabria

    Cosenza, 14/10/2017


    Competition for young artists [photography and video art] under 40
    Show finalist works
    Cosenza – National Gallery of Cosenza – Palazzo Arnone

    Saturday, October 14, 2017 at 17.00 at the National Gallery of Cosenza, on the occasion of the Contemporary Day promoted by AMACI – Association of Museums of Contemporary Art of Italy, will inaugurate the exhibition of the final works of the Polo Positivo project, funded by the General Directorate art and contemporary architecture and urban periphery of the MiBACT – Contemporary Art Plan -, competition for young artists aged 21 to 40, Italians and foreigners operating in Italy, invited to take photo shoots or video footage from the attendance, observation, fascination, critical reading and interpretation of the places of the Polo Museo della Calabria.
    The selection of the ten finalist works and the selection of the winners was entrusted to a jury appointed by the director of the Polo Museale della Calabria, Angela Acordon, composed by Melissa Acquesta and Gemma-Anaïs Principe, art academics, academics, industry experts and real-life performers who interact with younger generations of artists: Giulio Archina, photographer; Maria Flora Jubilee, director of the Museums of Nervi; Leonardo Passarelli, Professor of History of Contemporary Art at the University of Calabria; Luigi Ratclif, secretary of GAI – Circuit of Young Italian Artists; Marilena Sirangelo, gallerist; Angela Tecce, Director of Real Estate Foundation of Carditello; Massimiliano Tonelli, Managing Director Artribune.

    The victim is deeply rooted in the reference territory filtered through the eyes, the sensitivity and the work of the selected artists; a new and astonishing image, both evocative and analytic, to entrust the promotion and valorisation of sites and works under the tutelage of the Museo Polo della Calabria.
    The initiative benefits from the sponsorship of the City of Cosenza and the SMALLZINE media-partnership, a quarterly periodical dedicated to contemporary art by Loredana Barillaro.
    The exhibition of the final works of the Polo Positivo project will remain open to the public until November 26, 2017 and can be visited according to the following time: 10.00 / 18.00 from Tuesday to Sunday.


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