• Coronavirus updated situation in Emilia Romagna

    Emilia Romagna: this is the situation of the Coronavirus infection updated every day at 6.00 P.M. (Italian time) through the official data of the 'Protezione Civile'.

    In total on 29/03/2020 in Emilia Romagna we have 13119 swab positive patients to Coronavirus, 3769 recovered in hospital, 333 admitted to intensive care, 1141 patients healed, 1443 deaths
    The number of swab positive by province:
    Bologna: 1743 swap positive
    Ferrara: 300 swap positive
    Forlì-Cesena: 642 swap positive
    Modena: 2094 swap positive
    Parma: 1809 swap positive
    Piacenza: 2475 swap positive
    Ravenna: 553 swap positive
    Rimini: 1357 swap positive

    Please click here to read daily updated news about Coronavirus in other regions.

    Coronavirus news of 30 Mar 2020

    29 Mar 2020 18:16:40 Venturi: we expect drop in the next groups
    In ER over 13 thousand cases, 99 more deaths than yesterday

    29 Mar 2020 15:30:17 Bonaccini: restrictions still for some time
    'There are positive signs, but we must not let our guard down'

    29 Mar 2020 12:06:06 Dead fireman on duty in Parma
    Death in the night after the infection, mourning the body

    29 Mar 2020 12:04:35 Mayor Piacenza healed, but it was a blow
    Barbieri, I asked Conte for specialized personnel and materials

    28 Mar 2020 18:07:40 The Pope meets the Rector of Cattolica
    The initiatives for the coronavirus emergency are at the center

    28 Mar 2020 18:03:29 In Rimini robots visit coronavir patients
    Limiting risks for doctors. Gift of RivieraBanca

    28 Mar 2020 15:51:59 Coronavirus: I miss Dovizioso, I could win in Qatar
    Ducati rider: Forced stop makes you think . Future to be decided

    28 Mar 2020 13:40:51 Masks sold with an increase of 1700%
    In Ravenna, material seized by the Guardia di Finanza

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