• Coronavirus updated news in Lazio

    Lazio: this is the situation of the Coronavirus infection updated every day at 6.00 P.M. (Italian time) through the official data of the 'Protezione Civile'.

    In total on 29/03/2020 in Lazio we have 2706 swab positive patients to Coronavirus, 1062 recovered in hospital, 133 admitted to intensive care, 208 patients healed, 136 deaths
    The number of swab positive by province:
    Frosinone: 252 swap positive
    Latina: 239 swap positive
    Rieti: 76 swap positive
    Roma: 1945 swap positive
    Viterbo: 179 swap positive

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    Coronavirus news of 30 Mar 2020

    29 Mar 2020 18:05:59 Coronavirus Rome, shopping bags and packs of pasta are popping up for those in need
    Envelopes with groceries, bread, fruit and vegetables for those who are experiencing difficult moments due to the emergency

    29 Mar 2020 17:38:12 Coronavirus Rome, two positive agents: at the start local police command sanitization
    The operations concerned the Tuscolano and Torri groups

    29 Mar 2020 18:02:37 Coronavirus Rome, 201 the new positives: but the healed are more. Give protection to doctors
    For the first time, the contagion curve drops below 9 percent, 12 deaths. The incidence of outbreaks in rest homes is confirmed. San Giovanni, San Camillo and Genzano will join the network of laboratories for Covid-19. From 1st April 9 bed places

    29 Mar 2020 13:29:53 Coronavirus Rome, the Ivorian DJ and that fatal contagion in the ward
    Diabaté, eclectic mediator cultural, was already hospitalized for a myeloma

    29 Mar 2020 11:28:57 Coronavirus Rome, the letter: "How much humanity around Lucio, my son born at risk Covid"
    The emotion of a new life crosses with the fear of the virus. The first-person story of one of our readers

    29 Mar 2020 12:18:47 Coronavirus, poverty alarm in the suburbs of Rome. "Bombs ready to explode" Region, 20 million for spending
    Cri: "Doubled requests for food". Zingaretti: "8 million will arrive in Rome for food parcels"

    28 Mar 2020 17:19:10 Alatri, caravan explodes due to gas leak: an elderly man died
    The victim has not yet been identified

    28 Mar 2020 17:03:17 Coronavirus Rome, the local markets of the second municipality open
    In the II Municipio the km 0 is home. With "The solidarity markets", from Nomentano to Parioli, from Pinciano to Corso Trieste, 8 local markets in the area have activated the delivery service for shopping directly at home. Just call the owner of one of the


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