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  • Coronavirus updated situation in Lombardy

    News on Coronavirus of 8 Mar 2021

    Viggiù is a candidate to be the first Covid-free country
    Mayor: "First vaccination phase is over, come here d 'summer "

    Covid: TEDx Cattolica, rethinking time in a pandemic
    Oldani, cooking according to the seasons. Hernia, regaining quality

    Covid: Darsena Milano empties, entrance blocks removed
    Premises have closed for take-away from 6pm and Darsena has emptied

    Covid: in Lombardy positive rate of 10.3%, 33 deaths
    Brescia exceeds 1200 cases, hospitalizations increase

    Covid: sunny Sunday, checks at the Darsena in Milan
    Law enforcement officers ready to trigger quota entrances

    Covid: two other house parties interrupted by the Police in Milan
    One on a terrace in one central street of the city

    Covid: very rare variant discovered in Varese second case
    Identified only once in the world, in Thailand

    COVID : The point in Lombardy
    There are 5,658 new cases, a positive rate of 9.6% and 67 deaths

    Lombardy: this is the situation of the Coronavirus infection updated every day at 6.00 P.M. (Italian time) through the official data of the 'Protezione Civile'.

    In total on 07/03/2021 in Lombardy we have 633977 swab positive patients to Coronavirus, 5058 recovered in hospital, 573 admitted to intensive care, 523031 patients healed, 28738 deaths
    The number of swab positive by province:
    Varese: 65339 swap positive
    Como: 45363 swap positive
    Sondrio: 11352 swap positive
    Milano: 213841 swap positive
    Bergamo: 37463 swap positive
    Brescia: 74942 swap positive
    Pavia: 33415 swap positive
    Cremona: 19038 swap positive
    Mantova: 24782 swap positive
    Lecco: 18400 swap positive
    Lodi: 13387 swap positive
    Monza e della Brianza: 60012 swap positive
    Fuori Regione / Provincia Autonoma: 7474 swap positive

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