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  • Coronavirus updated news in Piedmont

    News on the Coronavirus of 5 Mar 2021

    Covid: infections in Cuneo doubled in ten days
    Protests in front of the town hall against the return to Dad

    Turin: low back pain for Izzo, in doubt for Crotone
    More troubles for Nicola, and still eight positive players

    Covid: Piedmont, 2,283 infections but rate drops to 6%
    Over 18 thousand people in isolation, hospitalizations are increasing. 24 dead

    Covid: schools towards total closure in the Vercelli area
    Interested in the plain, elementary schools open in Valsesia

    Covid: Val Formazza protests, absurd to close schools
    Parents and students letter to the Region, we have few cases

    Covid: over 15,300 deaths in Turin in 2020, + 21%
    It went from 12,642 in 2019 to 15,320 last year

    Covid: Vigezzo in the red zone, a vaccination center opens
    In Santa Maria Maggiore, from tomorrow

    Covid: Piedmont, Corte conti investigates public spending
    And also on "deaths in Rsa and nursing homes".

    Piedmont: this is the situation of the Coronavirus infection updated every day at 6.00 P.M. (Italian time) through the official data of the 'Protezione Civile'.

    In total on 05/03/2021 in Piedmont we have 255885 swab positive patients to Coronavirus, 2223 recovered in hospital, 185 admitted to intensive care, 225923 patients healed, 9461 deaths
    The number of swab positive by province:
    Torino: 135960 swap positive
    Vercelli: 9535 swap positive
    Novara: 19787 swap positive
    Cuneo: 34551 swap positive
    Asti: 12841 swap positive
    Alessandria: 21888 swap positive
    Biella: 8508 swap positive
    Verbano-Cusio-Ossola: 9589 swap positive
    Fuori Regione / Provincia Autonoma: 1225 swap positive

    Please click here to read daily updated news about Coronavirus in other regions.

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