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    Coronavirus News of 23 Jan 2021

    Coronavirus Sicily, 1,355 new cases. Isola in second place for contagion after Lombardy
    There are 1,355 new positives at Covid in Sicily, out of 20,255 tampons processed with an incidence of 6.6%. The island is in second place by contagion after Lombardy. The victims have been 32 in the last

    Covid, the regions change color. Sicily remains red and Calabria orange
    It's the day of the new report from the Istituto Superiore di Sanità. The new data could put Health Minister Roberto Speranza in a position to sign a new ordinance outlining the

    He gets on the bus and triggers panic because it is positive for Covid: woman reported in Catania
    A Covid-19 positive woman, boarded a bus in Catania, was reported by the police. The police officers were alerted by the personnel of the transport company who had done

    Musumeci about the coronavirus in Sicily: "If data does not fall, lockdown is necessary"
    «We are worried , the right to life is a priority, and if the contagion does not subside at the end of the month we will adopt further restrictive measures in agreement with the national government and not

    Coronavirus, Sicily for the second day with the largest number of cases in Italy
    There are 1,641 new Covid positives in Sicily out of 21,167 swabs with a rate that rises to 7.7%. The victims were 37 in the last

    Medical diagnoses on masterpieces of art, in Palermo the story of Doctor Raffa at the time of the coronavirus
    A hospital that has given a lot, let's say too much to the community, due to the high number of medical and para-medical personnel infected by the Coronavirus. But we like to think that the Arnas Civico of

    Coronavirus: the mayor of Catania kisses and hugs the fans at the stadium. It's a storm
    It's a storm on social media and in Catania politics on Salvo Pogliese, the mayor of the Sicilian city, surprised at the stadium while shaking hands, kissing and hugging other fans during the match with

    Coronavirus, the Sicily region with the most cases in Italy
    The region with the highest number of positive cases for coronavirus in the last 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health, is Sicily with 1,278 people, out of 39,776 swabs (including

    Sicily: this is the situation of the Coronavirus infection updated every day at 6.00 P.M. (Italian time) through the official data of the 'Protezione Civile'.

    In total on 22/01/2021 in Sicily we have 127719 swab positive patients to Coronavirus, 1441 recovered in hospital, 222 admitted to intensive care, 77269 patients healed, 3161 deaths
    The number of swab positive by province:
    Trapani: 9032 swap positive
    Palermo: 34754 swap positive
    Messina: 16495 swap positive
    Agrigento: 5007 swap positive
    Caltanissetta: 5724 swap positive
    Enna: 3973 swap positive
    Catania: 36370 swap positive
    Ragusa: 7770 swap positive
    Siracusa: 8594 swap positive
    Fuori Regione / Provincia Autonoma: 0 swap positive

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