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  • Small guide to Green Pass in Italy

    These are the new rules to follow for the Green Pass in Italy.

    • Differences between the basic green pass and the reinforced green pass.
      The basic green pass is given to those who have made a swab with a negative result.
      The reinforced green pass or supergreenpass is obtained with the vaccine or if you are cured of Covid.
    • Duration of the green pass
      The basic green pass lasts 48 hours from when the quick swab is performed and 72 hours in case of molecular swab.
      The reinforced green pass or supergreenpass lasts six months from the moment of the certificate of successful recovery from Covid, or six months if obtained by vaccine.
    • Where the reinforced green pass or supergreenpass is needed.
      • Hotels and accommodation facilities
      • Both indoor and outdoor restaurants
      • Both indoor and outdoor counter and bars
      • Both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, gyms and team sports
      • Locker rooms
      • Museums and exhibitions
      • Spas and Thermal centers
      • Theme and amusement parks
      • Cultural centers, social and recreational centers both outdoors and indoors.
      • Game rooms
      • Betting rooms, bingo halls and casinos.
      • Shows open to the public both outdoors and indoors.
      • Concert halls, cinemas, entertainment venues and live music
      • Sports events and competitions both indoors and outdoors
      • Holidays resulting from civil or religious ceremonies
      • Festivals and fairs
      • Convention centers
      • Both indoor and outdoor restaurants and bars
      • Ski lifts
      • Both indoor and outdoor sports centers an Swimming pools
    • As long as the green pass will be required?
      Currently, the obligation is expected until March 31, 2022
    • Who must have the green pass?
      All people in Italy aged 12 and over. Children under the age of 12 can do all the things of people with a reinforced green pass or supergreenpass without any limitations.
    • Masks are mandatory in Italy.
      They are currently mandatory both outdoors and indoors until June 15, 2022

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