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  • WWF Oasis Day: a Sunday in nature

    Sunday May the 20th 2018 Thanks to the WWF Oasis  in Italy, endangered species such as otter, wolf, Sardinian deer, lannerfish, aquatic turtles and various species of amphibians have been saved. Throughout the day the oases will be open in Calabria to the public free of charge, with special events that will allow you to get […]

  • Symphonic Concert in Dance at the Castle of Roccella

    Roccella Jonica, May the20th, 2018 This event will combine classical dance, music and lyrical singing! Elite Danza will be present with its own body of dance, together with the wind orchestra of Pazzano and the soprano Eleonora Pisano Sunday, May 20, 19 hours, Amphitheater at the Castle (Roccella Jonica) Free entry Roccella Jonica is about […]

  • 26th edition of the Surf Casting World Championship for Clubs

    Soverato, May the20th, 2018 It will begin the 26th edition of the Surf Casting World Championship for Clubs to be held on the coast of Catanzaro from 20 to 25 May. This is the first of seven international sport fishing events that will take place on our peninsula organized by FIPSAS, the Italian Federation of […]

  • Squillace, best excellences of art and craftsmanship of Made in Italy “Buongiorno Ceramica!”

    Squillace, May the20th, 2018 It will take shape in Squillace the national event “Buongiorno Ceramica!”, aimed at enhancing the Italian city with artistic ceramic production with certified brand. The festival, now in its fourth year, wants to find out the best excellences of art and craftsmanship of Made in Italy and let the experience of the […]

  • Vacanza con i figli

    Torre S.Antonio è luogo ideale per andare in vacanza con i propri figli. Una vacanza in Calabria con i propri figli è una esperienza che offre delle grandi occasioni ricreative e di crescita. La residenza La nostra struttura è caratterizzata da ampi spazi liberi immersi nel verde inserita in una contrada marinara che prende il […]

  • Principale…on the top of Torre S.Antonio

    It is housed at the top the della Torre S.Antonio Building and it has two beautiful balconies overlooking the sea. It is connected by staircase of the Tower. It has two bedrooms living room with kitchenette. It is one of the more prestigious apartment created in 2017 from the chief house of patron Francesco Badolato. […]

  • Vacanze con il cane al mare

    E’ arrivato il momento di partire in vacanza con il vostro cane…noi abbiamo la soluzione per la tua vacanza. Nella nostra struttura abbiamo 6 appartamenti direttamente sul mare adatti ad ospitare i vostri amici animali. Venire in vacanza con i vostro cane a S.Caterina dello Ionio (Calabria) sarà un’esperienza molto piacevole in quanto in qui gli […]

  • Vacanza per genitori single 2018

    Abbiamo realizzato un’offerta vacanza per genitori single. Torre S.Antonio è il posto ideale per i padri single e le madri single che desiderano passare molto tempo in compagnia dei propri figli in quanto per tutto il tempo della vostra permanenza potrete scordarvi l’uso della macchina, e trovarvi in un paradiso direttamente sulla spiaggia. Abbiamo pensato di […]

  • The best beaches for kids in Italy – Green Flag 2017

    The Italian paediatricians association has indicated the best beaches to go on holiday with kids. The assessment was made taking into account the cleanliness and safety of the sea, rescue equipment, lifeguards and lifeboats. The beaches have been assessed based on the presence of games, spaces to change the diaper or breastfeed, and nearby ice-cream […]

  • Rent a house in Italy

    If you are renting a house in Italy you need to know a few things. Italy has a large number of apartments for rent throughout its territory. Renting houses in the place of hotels is widespread as the tourist has the opportunity to enjoy many benefits. First of all, renting an apartment has lower prices […]

  • Ristoranti qui vicino

    Il nostro Gatronauta partendo dal nostro resort si è avventurato in una serie di itinerari individuando i migliori ristoranti che si trovano qui vicino e che sicuramente vi entusiasmeranno per le loro caratteristiche. Il ristorante “stellato” di Catanzaro: “Antonio Abbruzzino” : si trova in Catanzaro alla Via Fiume Savuto, nel quartiere S. Janni (Coordinate GPS: […]

  • Le più belle spiagge in Italia

    Questa è la lista delle più belle spiagge in Italia secondo i nostri visitatori. L’Italia è famosa per il suo mare e per le sue spiagge noi abbiamo realizzato una selezione delle migliori. MARASUSA, TROPEA (CALABRIA, Italia meridionale) Marasusa è una delle spiagge più belle di Tropea. Ha sabbia chiara e acqua trasparente. La sabbia […]

  • Mulinum: Stefano Caccavari project.

    This is a story of civic consciousness, stubborn determination, genuine ambition. Stefano Caccavari 26 years old, citizen and farmer in a small lovely village called San Floro nearby Catanzaro beach, on March 19 will inaugurate the Mulinum pizzeria , with 2 different woodburning –oven,, one for pizza and bread, the other for cakes. This is the last but not […]

  • Best beach resorts in Italy

    This is a list of the best resorts in Italy by the beach according to our visitors. In the evaluation, factors such as distance from the sea, comfort, privacy guaranteed to its guests, sea views, comfort provided during hospitality and of course value for money were taken into account. If you are aware of other resorts […]

  • The Calabrian towers

    This is a list of the most important Towers that stand in Calabria. The Towers were used in the past to defend the territory from the bizarre incursions, Saracens, Arabs and Normans. Bastione di Malta – Gizzeria (CATANZARO) The Malta bastion is a tower located in the territory of the municipality of Lamezia Terme, near […]

  • Traditional Calabrian food

    The Calabrian tradition is closely linked to its typical dishes. Here is a list of some traditional dishes of Calabrian culture. Do you want to know more about traditional Calabrian food? Take part in our gourmet tour Homemade scilatelle: they are a typical first dish that adorns the Sunday table of most Calabria. It was […]

  • Reggio Calabria: 6th edition of the “Mattinate Fai D’Inverno”

    Reggio Calabria 21/11/2017 On the occasion of the 6th edition of the “Mattinate Fai D’Inverno” for Schools, the San Paolo Museum will remain open. In the new and large exhibition center of the Palace of Culture in the heart of the city will be exhibited its large collection of about 200 ancient oriental icons, the […]

  • Best beaches in Italy

    This is the list of the best beaches in Italy according to our visitors. We hope you will enjoy visiting them. MARASUSA, TROPEA (CALABRIA, Southern Italy) Marasusa is one of the most beautiful beaches in Tropea. It has clear sand and transparent water. The sand of Tropea has very thick grains that resemble small pebbles […]

  • Calabria will be present at FICO (Eatly)

    Bologna 15/09/17  Calabria will be at FICO (Eatly), the first Italian Farmer Factory that will begin on November 15th in Bologna. It will present the typical products of our land. It is an important presence in the “largest agricultural park in the world”, which is part of a wider strategy to revitalize the brand Calabria […]

  • La Torre…home of Princess…

    It is inside the circular apartment of the Tower is spread over 2 floors. Revenue in the apartment by a small private garden where you can have your breakfast. At the ground floor there is the kitchen with the dining area. Upstair there is the sleeping area with 2 bedrooms for you and possibly for […]

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